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Welcome to Posh Hair Bows, the premier maker of high quality, boutique hair bows with the largest selection of ribbon choices on the web!! 
Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!
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Posh Hair Bows is the premier creator of custom, handmade, high quality boutique hair bows with over 190 ribbon choices... the largest selection on the web!
  Shop Our Gorgeous Fall, Winter, Christmas and Holiday Baby Headbands, Baby Hair Bows & Girls Hair Boutique hair Bows online now! Our hair bows will add plenty of holiday glamour to her pictures, parties and family gatherings!
We ship to Europe and Canada!
All of our bows are sprayed with a light stiffener to hold their shape and all ribbon ends are heat sealed for long lasting quality and durability.  Posh Hair Bows are made to stand the test of time.  www.poshhairbows.com - A quality website offering the best boutique hair bows online now at affordable prices. Infant bows, toddler bows, boutique hair bows, fun clippies and more online now. 
         Our beautiful Girls Boutique Hair Bows are made to last!   We make sure that each and every one of the  Baby Headbands, & Girls Boutique Hair Bows we create are the best you will find anywhere on the web!  We add special, unique touches to our bows...such as non-slip strips, center knots and exclusive styles. These touches take a little bit more time...but we feel the efforts truly make our hair bows the very best!
Our Girls Bows are among the best money can buy, and our extra efforts make them entirely worth the price! Sold in fine boutiques across the country...exclusively for your little girl!
From gorgeous over the top Made to match M2MG hair bows to ultra-girly Boutique Hair Bows...Our cute hair bows are sure to get her noticed wherever she goes!
Infant Hair Bows-Infant boutique hair bows are the tiniest size hair bows for the littlest babies. Tweens and teens also love this size for pulling back bangs! They measure 1-1/2" and are made with 3/8" ribbon. Infant hair bows are mounted to single prong alligator clips lined with a special grip to stay put in even the finest hair!
Baby Hair Bows-Baby boutique hair bows are the perfect size for girls from babies to teens. These sweet bows are mounted to fully-lined, single-prong alligator clips that have a special grip to stay put in even the finest hair! They measure 2" and are made with 5/8" ribbon.
Toddler Hair Bows-Toddler boutique hair bows measure 3 inches and are made with 7/8" wide ribbon. They are great for age 2 and up, depending on the thickness of your little one's hair. They are also great for babies of all ages, when paired with a headband!
Medium Hair Bows-Medium boutique hair bows measure 3 1/2" and are made with
1 1/2" wide ribbon. They are great for babies, when paired with a headband, or for bigger girls. They can be mounted on French barrettes or double prong alligator clips, your choice. These medium boutique style hair bows are available in almost 190 different ribbon choices!
Large Hair Bows-Large boutique Hair Bows measure 4" and are made using 1 1/2" ribbon. This is a great size for girls aged 3 and up, (depending on how much hair she has), or for littler ones, clipped into a crocheted or cotton headband or a fun crocheted hat
Extra Large Hair Bows-Extra Large boutique Hair bows measure 5" and are made with 2 1/4" wide ribbon. They are great for all ages, from babies(when paired with a headband), all the way up to adults!
Layered Boutique Hair Bows- Layered Boutique hair bows are fabulously full and fluffy. They are the ultimate Posh accessory and every girl deserves to be posh! All layered Boutique hair bows are available in three sizes: Toddler: 3 inches across Large: 3.5 inches across Large: 4 inches across.  Layered boutique hair bows can be set on double-pronged alligator clips or ribbon lined French barrettes, your choice!
Made to Match Gymboree (M2MG)- Posh Hair Bows always has the latest Made to Match Gymboree M2MG hair bows to go with the latest gymbo lines! If you do not see the line you need, just email us.  We will be happy to custom design a hair bow for you!


To browse through our products, click on the category from our list to view all items in that category. You may also use our search tool to find a product with one or more keywords.

Holiday Hair Bows
Posh Petals Hair Flowers
Posh Petals Hair Flowers
Personalized Hair Bow Holders
Personalized Hair Bow Holders
Bitty Baby Hair Bows
Bitty Baby Hair Bows
Baby Hair Bows
Baby Hair Bows
Toddler Hair Bows
Toddler Hair Bows
Medium Hair Bows
Medium Hair Bows
Large Hair Bows
Large Hair Bows
Extra Large Hair Bows
Extra Large Hair Bows
Baby Headbands and Hats
Baby Headbands and Hats
Double Ruffle Boutique Hair Bows
Double Ruffle Boutique Hair Bows
Satin Hair Bows
Satin Hair Bows
Organza Hair Bows
Organza Hair Bows
Swarovski Crystal Hair Bows
Swarovski Crystal Hair Bows
Fun Clippies
Fun Clippies
Custom School Colors Hair Bows
Teen & emo Hair Bows
Teen & emo Hair Bows
Layered Boutique Hair Bows
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